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  1. If you are sharing a WBID with another player you may unintentionally have your data overwritten, or overwrite their data. You should be the only person using your WBID for this reason and you should not share your WBID login information with anyone else.
  2. If you are using multiple Android devices with the same WBID, you will need to be careful so that you do not unintentionally over-write your game save data with data with older data from your second device. When you log into the game and more recently saved data is found, you will see the image below warning you that you are about to download this save data and over-write what you currently have. If the device you are playing on actually has the save data you want to keep, you need to decline this message. To avoid any possible mistakes with this feature, we would recommend playing with different WBIDs/progress on each device.



Google Play Cloud saves made prior to updating to 2.1 will still work, and may still be downloaded from the Google Play Cloud. After a WBID save has successfully been created, your Google Play cloud save will no longer continue to be updated. If you would like to try downloading a pre-2.1 Google Play save please follow the instructions below:

In order to use Google Play Cloud Saving you must first have a Google+ account set up and signed into your Android device. This must be a Google+ account; if you only have a regular Google account signed in, your Cloud Saving will not function correctly.

If you are signed into a Google+ account, you can enable “Back up my data” via the “Backup & Restore” section of your Android device’s settings menu.


Once cloud saving has been enabled, your game will automatically save to the Google Play cloud after completing a match if you are connected to the internet. If you load the game on another Android device, or need to restore your data after reinstalling the game, you can do so by signing into your Google+ account on that Android device and then starting the game. You should see a Cloud icon in the top-right corner if the game detects an existing save on the Google Play cloud.


If you click this Cloud icon, you will be prompted to load your old save. Please note that the game will indicate when this save was created, not when it was last updated. This means if you first saved the game multiple months ago, the notice will say so, but the save will consist of your game data from the last time you played with an active internet connection.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How frequently does the cloud save update?

The cloud save will update every time you finish a match as long as you are signed into Google+ and have an active internet connection.

  1. How do I disable Cloud saving?

Once cloud saving is active, you can stop the game from updating to the cloud by entering the “Google Settings” App from the App drawer. Select “Connected Apps,” select “Injustice,” select “Disconnect.” This stops the disconnected app from updating to the cloud, but does not erase the data saved there.

  1. I had Cloud saving enabled but am not seeing the restore icon after reinstalling the game or on my new device.

Please try reinstalling the game again if this happens, which should set the game to a “default” state and cause the Cloud icon to reappear.

  1. I lost or overwrote my save data. Is there any way to get it back?

We would first recommend trying the steps above to see if you can restore a Cloud save. Unfortunately, if you overwrote your cloud save data with a new save, or if you lost your save data but did not have Cloud saving enabled or were not signed into Google+, we do not have any way to recover this data. Google Play Cloud data is not directly accessible by Warner Brothers or Customer Service, and cannot be restored once removed.


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